Jolie Ngemi (CD)
Beursschouwburg – Gouden Zaal
21/12/2018 20:30
14 € / 11 € (+ Fatou t'as tout fait)

‘J’ai connu des choses, des moments imprévus, des rythmes qu’on ose, comme on a tant vécu. J’ai connu des doutes quand on se sent perdu. J’ai connu la guerre, la perte des miens. J’ai connu la moquerie, le stress, la fragilité et la pression. Toutes les petites lumières qui vont illuminer mon corps, représentent toutes ces choses. Être dans l’obscurité, en manque d’électricité, même une flamme, une lampe de poche semble suffisante pour continuer à vivre.’ —Jolie Ngemi

The Congolese dancer Jolie Ngemi began dancing when she was three years old, in the Protestant church in Kinshasa and during hip-hop dance battles in the streets. She combined traditional and experimental contemporary dance, until she ultimately arrived at The Performing Arts and Research Training School (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels to study dance. She worked with Thomas Steyaert, Boris Charmatz and Ula Sickle. In Identity n’a ngai, she devoted herself to the inaudible and invisible elements that determine our identity.

Jolie Ngemi, who moved from Kinshasa to Europe, places the motifs of the language of Congolese dance – danced in the streets and at nightclubs – alongside the codes of Western contemporary dance. Her movements take on a dynamic interaction with the sounds of musician Rodriguez Vangama, complemented with field recordings from the night-time streets of Kinshasa.

What does our identity look like? How does our identity take shape in front of the mirror and how do others determine who we are? Jolie Ngemi actively invites us as viewers to help answer this question.

concept, choreography, performance Jolie Ngemi | music Rodriguez Vangama
 | live music Michael Anklin | sound recordings in Kinshasa Nkanza Dep’s Vita | outside eye Fabian Barba | executive producer Caravan Production | coproduction La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Association de Circonstances Genève | with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC) | working space Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain