Music, Theatre

Zina Zarour + Lama Rabah + Faris Shomali + Henna al-Hajj Hasan + Thomas Devos + Kaat Arnaert + Mattijs Vanderleen (PS, B)
RITCS café, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters
17/12/2018 19:00 (EN) + 18/12/2018 18:30 (EN)
Free entrance

Radio No Frequency is an onstage radio show, and follows on from the Palestinian radio Dona Taraddod (which means both ‘No hesitation’ and ‘No frequency’) that has been examining the current socio-economic and political situation during the last two years. The driving forces of the show are Dona Taraddod volunteers Zina Zaarour, Lama Rabah, Faris Shomali and Henna al-Hajj Hasan: students of Birzeit University who share a critical view on Palestine and on its coverage. Radio No Frequency is characterized by biting wit and unexpected perspectives. They make, together with the Belgian musicians Kaat Arnaert, Thomas Devos and Mattijs Vanderleen a live version of their monthly online radio show, creating in this way a unique Palestinian theatrical form.

concept and texts Zina Zarour, Lama Rabah, Faris Shomali, Henna al-Hajj Hasan | music Thomas Devos, Kaat Arnaert, Mattijs Vanderleen, Faris Shomali | sound, light Arthur De Vuyst | thanks to Minardschouwburg | production Connexion, A.M. Qattan Foundation