Connexion BXL

In Africa, the Middle east and elsewhere, a generation of young artists are writing their own histories, of their lives and of their homelands. From current events or from the past, they create alternative views. Identity is not an issue: they effortlessly blend languages, forms and styles. Nothing is strange to them. Connexion BXL presents work by both upcoming talent and established artists who have an enormous amount to offer Europe. There is no pessimism here, but energy, creativity and determination. Surprising, inspiring and… imperative.


The festival is an initiative of Connexion, a non-profit organisation based in Brussels that aims to foster and develop exchanges and cultural collaborations between regions of the South and the North, and between South and South. Connexion was created by Jan Goossens, Hildegard De Vuyst and Paul Kerstens, the team responsible for the international work of KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre, Brussels) from 2005 till 2016. Together with structural partners in Ramallah, Kinshasa, Tunis, Bamako and Durban, Connexion conceives and develops artistic projects and improves their visibility and their circulation, respecting reciprocity and mutual understanding.